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The Argan Tree (Argania Spinosa)


In a small corner of south west Morocco in North Africa grows the world’s only Argan forest. 

For millennia this truly remarkable tree has survived and sustained human life at the very edge of the Sahara Desert. 

Known locally as 'Iron Tree' and 'Tree of Life' its deep root system helps prevent the spread of the desert. By day, its branches provide shade from the harsh, intense sun. By night they provide firewood for warmth.

But its greatest gift of all is its fruit…

For centuries herdsmen have allowed their goats to climb the trees to eat the fruits. Conveniently, the goats prefer the outer husks of the Argan fruit and can't digest the precious kernels.

These have been collected and carried back to villages where they are pressed by hand to extract its oil for use as a skin moisturiser and healer.

In recent years the secret of the Argan fruit has been discovered by the rest of the world and we are beginning to fully appreciate why Argan Oil is such a valuable natural cosmetic product. 

In addition to being exceptionally rich in vitamin E moisturisers, Argan Oil also provides unusually high skin defence and repair properties, powerful antioxidants and highly effective natural hydrating benefits for skin and hair.

Little wonder that this rare and precious amber oil is now being described as Liquid Gold.